Lucie Malou

The visual artist Lucie Malou was born in London in 1965. Today she lives and works in Brussels. Her first experience of spatial work was the study of live models and their movements.Through the medium of drawing, Lucie sketches the outline of her projects and prepares their integration in their environment.


She uses pictorial, three-dimensional and sometimes photographic techniques to evoke the past of urban and rural landscapes, a "mirage" of sites that will soon be destroyed or laid bare for commercial development. She aims to register the impact of the ephemeral nature of artistic creation and the constant transformation of our surroundings.


Lucie uses pictogrammes, simple street and building signs, that appear everywhere in our everyday lives to organise and discipline us, and transforms and deconstructs them with humour and irony. She has exhibited her signs and symbols and other works around the theme of absence in Lier, Speelhoven, Venice, and Villeneuve d'Ascq.