The project Cul-de-Sac will take place from June 3rd until the end of September, in parallel with the 53rd Venice Biennial. A variety of interventions consisting of artists' drawings, reproduced on a huge scale, will be visible in different Venetian locations. It is clear that The title given to this project directly refers to the labyrinthine morphology of the Doges City. Indeed, Venice spontaneously provides an original backdrop for an exhibition 'all aperto', as the locals like to call it. This exhibition will be grouping two dozen artists, among them some big international art scene names, as well as emerging young artists. The better known of them have been given an original drawing, to be reproduced in chalk by a young local artist. As for the emerging artists in the project, they will really be working in situ, reproducing their own drawings, and  choosing the most appropriated location for their projects themselves, with the input of the inhabitants of the city.   

Participating artists : Lawrence Weiner (US), Franco Angeloni (IT), Robert Drago (AL), Dan Perjovschi (RO), Edith Dekyndt (BE), Mounir Fatmi (MA), Lucie Malou (BE), Michael Dans (BE), Samuel Buckman (FR), Jean-Luc Moerman (BE), Marc Rossignol (BE), Mira Sanders (BE), Jimmie Durham (US), Hans Lemmen (NL), Boris Thiébaut (BE), Marcel Berlanger (BE), Michel Couturier (BE), Johan de Wilde (BE), Johan Van Imschoot (BE), Thorbjorn&Henning Christiansen (DNK), Eric Van Hove (BE), Jacques Charlier (BE) .

Starting point: galerie A+A, Centro Espositivo Pubblico Sloveno,
San Marco, Calle Malipiero 3073
30124 Venezia - I tel.fax. 041 2770466

Curator: Lino Polegato
Cocurator : Francesca Colasante
Organisation: Flux News, Belgian magazine of contemporary art, in cooperation with Galleria A+A